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I'm already addicted to you. I can't stop watching your youtube vids.

You are gorgeous and have great legs.  (sorry, had to state the obvious)

I just came across your videos and fell instantly under the spell of your sexy strong legs and your incredible beauty.
you are an absolute goddess, much more so than you know..

Your legs are just as powerful as they are gorgeous.
i would pay to have you scissor me!!!

First off I wanna say your amazing and one of the most sexiest women ive come across. Its definitely unique what you have and ive never seen a woman use her body like you do.

I would love to test your legs in scissors to see if I could last!! Would be an honor.

i look forward to more destruction caused by your legs. Not only are they well toned, you have pretty good scissor technique too.

The first two videos are great!!! Keep them coming..... ;)

I'm in china now and can't stop thinking of your legs :)

I absolutely adore your video and would love to be able to see more or purchase more, anything to see some new material!

You have a certain uniqueness in your video and I really want to see more of it.

I think you are completely beautiful, overpoweringly sexy. And your amazing legs just blow me away.

I just wanna say u have the best legs I have ever seen. I would love for u to wrap them legs around me and knock me out.

Can you post another youtube video of you and your dangerously sexy toned legs in high heels ...

The most special part of your video was the couch scene. I have never seen that method(lots of scissor vids out there)--very HOT!

I want to feel the power of your legs! I've seen you on youtube and your legs looks very strong!


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